Membership Renewal Online

The membership renewal page is for non-CPTN certified members or those who wish to continue obtaining discounts from our partners without the need to become CPTN certified. Supporters wishing to help CPTN’s development can renew below.

Note: For returning CPTN Certified Trainers, please use the Certification Renewal Form instead.

Membership Renewal Fees

CPTN is a member driven organization and as such requires the need of members to fund its operations. These operations include staff members, educators, presenters, rentals, practical assessors, printing manuals, reports, brochures, certificates, hosting services and much more.

One Year Renewal Option:

  • $53.68 to support CPTN program developments

Two Year Renewal Option:

  • $96.62 to support CPTN program developments

Membership Renewal Online Form

Membership Renewal Form:
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Note: For members renewing their CPTN-CPT or other certification distinction, please use the Certification Renewal Form. The fees are waived for all returning certified trainers.
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