The Certified Professional Trainers Network is committed to the professional growth of its Members. From CPTN designations to leading edge conferences and educational resources, we are prepared to facilitate your career and support you as a Professional Trainer in the Fitness and Lifestyle industry.

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CPTN Member benefits

  • The CPTN Report issues
  • E-Newsletters and Client Handouts
  • Discounts on CPTN Conferences and Workshops
  • Discounts on educational books and multimedia
  • Discounts on services and products through suppliers
  • Access to professional distance education courses
  • Access to Personal Trainer job listings
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Certified Trainer benefits

  • Access to sports insurance from other bodies
  • National recognition of commitment to the highest standards of excellence
  • Listed on CPTN’s web site as a Personal Trainer referral
  • Earn CECs with professional Distance Education Courses
  • Eligible to join CPTN’s leadership team of Practical Assessors or Course Conductors
  • Able to start own Personal Trainer business
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