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CPTN Certified Fascial Posture Training Specialist (CPTN-CFPTS)

Certification Requirements

Candidates must achieve the following:


Fascial Posture Training is the art of reading tension held in tissues and the skill of releasing it through facilitated fascial stretching, fascial plane exercise and fascial unpinning. Fascial Posture Training ensures that tissue too tight, too short, too restricted is not loaded through random exercises. The methodology of fascial Posture Training is to look at the entire body as one synergistic functioning unit that will only reach fluid movement when the restricted areas are reduced.

In fascial Posture Training the entire body is engaged, from the first metatarsal to top of the cervical spine, there is awareness and engagement. Fascial Posture Training does not count repetitions or train for hypertrophy. It is understood that anaerobic or aerobic conditioning will only improve with fascial release techniques because the heart is connected to the lungs with fascial tension. When the focus is fascia the objective is to return the body to fluid in an unrestricted, neutral and strong posture. This causes permanent physical change and allows optimal athletic ability develop.

The fascial slings are hammocks of highly innervated tissue that encase muscles in one delicate, continuous web from tip of the toe to crown of the skull. This tissue once thought to be inert and used only to keep muscle in bundles, it is now recognized as the most highly innervated tissue in the body that translates every movement, impact and thought into tension in the body. Without addressing fascial fitness and fascia health we neglect the most critical aspect of the human form and physical capabilities.

Required Testing

  • Exam: 90 minutes (1.5 Hours) – 30 multiple-choice questions
  • Grade: 70% or higher


  • You will earn the designation CPTN-CFPTS.


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