Document Upload (CEC Proof of Completion / Profile Photo)

The following page is used to submit proof documents or photos to CPTN rather than screenshots or e-mail attachments.

Upload Form

Upload Form:
e.g. zip, jpg, png, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf
Note: The maximum allowable upload file size limit is 50MB.
Mail Message:
e.g. Petitions, First Aid, CPR/AED, Headshot, Client Photos
e.g. I've included…attended…completed…provided…etc…
CAPTCHA Verification:
Answer: Water.

Upload Instructions

For all File Submissions:

  1. Rename File (See examples below):
    1. First Aid and CPR.jpg
    2. Trainer Profile Photo.jpg
    3. <CourseTitle> Certificate.pdf
    4. <Unofficial/Official> Transcript.pdf
    5. <CourseCode> <CourseTitle> Outline.doc
  2. Upload File

Note: Remove personal identification from filename. Please remove duplicate file extensions e.g. .jpg.jpg.

For Profile (Before/After / Headshot):

  1. Take photo from Camera/Mobile Application
  2. Press Browse/Choose File
  3. Upload File

Note: Please do not submit photos with pets, crowds, drone/selfie stick angles, bedroom lighting, hands touching face, colourized, masking or vingetting effects.

For Profile Videos (Landscape View):

  1. Take video from Camera/Video Application
  2. Upload file to personal YouTube or Vimeo account
  3. Submit the links via Profile Submission / Update

Tip: A good profile photo excludes: special effects, pets, group hug, unusual training attire (i.e. suits, gowns, costumes), concealing objects (sunglasses, helmets, hoodies). Subject should be centered, avoiding shadows and direct lighting, feature a natural background (e.g. summer outdoors or studio indoors–avoiding brick walls or people), head up-right (or slight tilt), slight head-turn (non-confrontational) and a sincere smile (with teeth).