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Shift Happens! Coaching Behaviour Change Through Internal Control Psychology


Internal Control Psychology is an explanation of human behavior based on internal motivation. This dynamic, 14-hour workshop is an introduction to the theory and a deep dive into its application to supporting client-centered behavior change. Practicing and teaching clients internal control psychology principals can highlight the mental and behavioral aspects of choice that both help and hinder client success. Applying internal control psychology to coaching can lay the groundwork for clients to consistently select more effective behaviours.

Fitness professionals will gain tools they can immediately apply to coaching interactions.

Participants can expect to engage with the following concepts:

  • The vital difference between external and internal control psychology
  • Leveraging five basic needs that drive human behaviour
  • Four components of “total behaviour” and how they will inform your coaching
  • Connecting and disconnecting habits that can make or break client relationships

Participants can expect to practice and start to develop the following skills:

  • Creating an environment conducive to quality performance
  • Engaging clients in identifying and choosing behaviours that satisfy their present needs and align with future goals
  • Effectively addressing discrepancies between goals and behaviour
  • The inquiry process designed to assist clients in determining their unique paths to success

Participants will have the opportunity to create a meaningful case study and apply Choice Theory methods.


  • Pen, pencil, etc…
  • Lunch (1 hour break)


“From someone driven by a fascination with figuring out how to get through to people (someone who has trained and studied in many disciplines including motivational interviewing, CBT, etc.), learning about Choice Theory has been pivotal in my success as a coach & trainer. It gave me the insights into people’s internal motivation, and how I could help shape the path to better fit those needs (of the client). The real-world application of this theory is rewarding and inspiring. It’s amplified my passion for working with people (and yes even the most challenging ones as well)"” – Mauro O.