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CPTN Yoga Level 2: Advanced Practice


CPTN Yoga Level 2 is a continuation of the education received in CPTN Yoga Level 1.

A detailed exploration of complex breath control techniques, advanced yoga postures, and sophisticated meditation practices, encompass the majority of the CPTN Yoga Specialist Level 2 program. The concept of bandhas or locks in the body will be covered, leading to a solid understanding of how to use the core muscular structure when practicing advanced yoga poses. Breath control techniques such as khapalbhati pranayama, and ujjayi pranayama, as well as breath retention, kumbakha, and its implication when used with locks jalandhara bandha, uddiyana bandha, and mula bandha will be taught. In addition to advanced breathing, postures, and meditation techniques, discussion on yoga class design and connecting postures in a logical flow sequence is covered. Harnessing the breath to the postures, within the structure of a flowing yoga class, will be passed down to create a framework for developing a quality yoga program.

The chakra system is explored as a representation of developmental stages of the human experience. The consequences of blocked energy in these nerve plexuses of the body will be analyzed and deciphered in relation to mental hygiene. An investigation of the theory of doshas or physical constitutions, and the dietary connections within this theory, will be outlined in full. Doshas will reveal the psychological implications behind the physical constitutions, leading to a variety of strategies for balancing energetic tendencies and consequently, body weight. These areas of focus will offer the CPTN Yoga Level 2 graduate an insight into advanced yoga, which will serve as the foundation for continued education in the CPTN Yoga Level 3, leading to the CPTN Certified Yoga Specialist qualification.


Note: Course can be taken out of order for self-interest without the need for CPTN-CPT or CPTN-CYS distinctions.


  • Yoga mat
  • Pen, pencil, etc…
  • Lunch (1 hour break)