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CPTN Yoga Level 1: Basic Practice


CPTN Yoga Level 1 is an introduction to yoga, covering basic yogic topics like simple breath control techniques, easy posture practice, and a variety of strategies for meditation.

The potential benefits of breath control and, in stark contrast, the implications of breathing anomalies, will be discussed in detail. Emphasis is placed on practicing easy, but effective yoga poses, and on the contraindications for injuries, medical conditions, and special populations when practicing particular yoga postures. A multitude of meditation options will give unique insight into relaxation techniques and mental training methods, which can help to surpass certain psychological training barriers, enabling your clients the ability to achieve their fitness goals.

An in-depth investigation into the history, categories, and styles of yoga will inform CPTN Yoga Level 1 participants in subjects which will likely require explanation when teaching yoga to clientele. In particular, the subject of yoga styles will reveal the benefits and drawbacks of each method of physical yoga, and how trainers can choose the most suitable techniques from a variety of styles when developing a yoga class. A brief lesson in yoga terminology will disclose some Sanskrit names for particular techniques frequently encountered in yoga classes. Yoga as a way of life will be discussed in an introductory format, as this topic is wide in scope and would normally require years of study to fully comprehend.

These areas of focus will offer the CPTN Yoga Level 1 graduate an insight into yoga, which will serve as the foundation for continued education in the CPTN Yoga Level 2 and CPTN Yoga Level 3, leading to the CPTN Certified Yoga Specialist qualification.

Recommended Pre-requisites:

Note: Courses can be taken out of order for self-interest without the need for CPTN-CPT or CPTN-CYS distinctions.


  • Yoga mat
  • Pen, pencil, etc…
  • Lunch (1 hour break)