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CPTN Yoga Level 3: Yoga for Athletes and Personal Trainers


CPTN Yoga Level 3 is an adjunct to the education received in CPTN Yoga Level 1 and CPTN Yoga Level 2.

An exploration of yoga techniques selected for enhancing athletic performance is the focal point of the CPTN Yoga Level 3 program. Concepts covered in previous levels are woven into the criteria in Yoga for Athletes, which makes the CPTN Yoga Level 3 program a summation of all lessons learned. Athletes require specific considerations when designing a yoga program. The range of motion in postures must not exceed a parameter deemed effective within the performance of particular movements utilized in sport. Since athletes have very different physical needs depending on their sport, a detailed and precise design is required in posture selection and sequence.

Flexibility is only one aspect in the many benefits of yoga for the athlete. Core strength amplified through linking muscular pathways via connective tissues has a synergistic effect through the summation of muscle recruitment. Proper posture selection for the athlete will yield unique training methods for muscular strength in the stabilizers. The practice of yoga postures requiring balance is emphasized in the CPTN Yoga Level 3 since the impact on the body is much the same as utilizing unstable surfaces for training muscular stabilizers in athletes. The respiratory system is optimized through yogic breathing techniques leading to increased stamina. Improved digestion through yoga practice aids greatly in the assimilation of nutrients. Control is gained over the nervous system through the practice of pranayama, offering the athlete a method of calming or exciting the nervous energy to meet the demands of a particular athletic performance.

In fact, yoga addresses the optimization of all 11 sub-systems of the body; the skeletal system, the skeletal muscles, the peripheral and central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, the reproductive, digestive and urinary systems, the integumentary system, the lymphatic system, and the endocrine system. When correctly applied to training for a particular sport, yoga can offer the edge over the competition. With the completion of the CPTN Yoga Level 3 and its prerequisites, as well as the successful completion of an exam, the qualifications will be met to receive the pragmatic CPTN Certified Yoga Specialist.

Recommended Pre-requisites:

Note: Courses can be taken out of order for self-interest without the need for CPTN-CPT or CPTN-CYS distinctions.


  • Yoga mat
  • Pen, pencil, etc…
  • Lunch (1 hour break)