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CPTN Workshop Instructors


Paul Aspinall, BPE, MES, CPTN-CPT

Paul Aspinall is a professor at Seneca College who teaches anatomy and physiology, as well as physical preparation workshops for the Firefighters program. He is a CPTN Certified Personal Trainer, Practical Assessor, Course Conductor, and a Medical Exercise Specialist. His educational background includes a degree in Physical Education with a Major in Athletic Therapy and a Diploma in Fitness and Lifestyle Management from George Brown College. Paul also lectures to various corporations within the city on fitness and wellness inside the workplace.


Amanda Browning, BSc (Honours), CPTN-CPT.M

Amanda Browning brings her Zumba group fitness instructor experience to teach trainers proper cueing, choreographic and transition techniques. She serves as Course Conductor for CPTN Certified Group Fitness Leader certification. Amanda also holds an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology and Nutrition, and Nutraceutical Science and also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.


Ryan Couri, BSc, CPTN-CPT.M

Ryan Couri holds a degree in Health and Physical Education and is an accomplished martial artist in several disciplines. He is the owner of Instinctive Performance and possesses skills in military mountaineering. A veteran CPTN certified personal trainer, he also holds the position of CPTN-CPT Practical Assessor and Course Conductor.


Kevin Duguay, CPTN-CPRCS

Kevin Duguay is a Certified Athletic Therapist who has been practicing and teaching sports medicine for more than twenty years, during which time he has been the head athletic therapist for: the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League (CFL), the Nova Scotia Oilers of the American Hockey League (AHL), the University of Toronto Varsity Hockey and Football Teams, the Kitchener Rangers of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), the Canadian National Soccer Program, for the World Cup and Under 17 Teams.



Lee Fielder, BKin (Honours), MA, CPTN-CPT

Lee Fielder has a Master of Arts in Applied Health Science from Brock University and is currently teaching health and fitness topics part-time at the college level. She has been CPTN-CPT certified since 2003, a Practical Assessor since 2009 and a Course Conductor since 2010. She has had the opportunity to share her experience at conferences dealing with creating proficient trainers and dealing with challenging clients. Lee has trained a wide range of clientele but enjoys working with Boomers and people with physical disabilities.

Amanda Firby, BPHE, CPTN-CPT

Amanda Firby holds an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Brock University and has been a certified personal trainer since 2004. She spent 4 years working on cruise ships, starting off as a Fitness Director, and currently, manages a corporate fitness centre for IBM Ottawa through Trifit Inc. Amanda is also a CPTN-CPT Practical Assessor and Course Conductor.



Heather Harrison, BKin, MEd, NCCP, CPTN-CPT

Heather Harrison is a Certified Coach, Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer and CPTN-CPT Practical Assessor and Course Conductor, as well as a Professor within the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Durham College. For the last 12 years, Heather has been purposefully infusing Internal Control Psychology / Choice Theory into her coaching and teaching; in so doing she has supported fitness professionals, clients and students to reach new levels of self-evaluation and subsequent behaviour change to bring them closer to what they want out of life.


Maria Hui is a seasoned veteran of the fitness industry with roots in group exerciser, personal training and pilates. She is the owner of BodyPulse. As an employee of the University of Toronto she held the positions of Weight Room Strength Performance Manager, Personal Trainer and group exercise instructor. She was also the facilitator of the FPHE Mini Health School, instructor for the PAC 300 Principle of Fitness Level 2 workshop and the CycleFit coordinator.

Colleen Holmes-Cumming, CPTN-CPT.M, MES

Colleen Holmes has developed and trained Ontario’s Elite Service Industries Professionals (Police and Pre-service fire) for Ontario’s number one college for the service industry sector–Conestoga College in Kitchener Ontario. Private clients and students have been placed within various Fire departments and Police stations across Canada. She inspires passion, compassion and a drive to excel. She demands nothing less than the best for each of her students and clients, and encourages the ability to alter ones mind, body and soul in a direction of a dream career fulfilled with a life time success. Collen is the Professional Relationship Chair for CPTN and along with the help of her colleagues created the CPTN Online Video’s for Personal Trainers.



Karsten Jensen, MSc, CPTN-CPT.M, CHEK Practitioner L2, CHEK HLC L3

Karsten Jensen is a periodization coach and expert who has helped world-class and Olympic athletes from 26 different sports, written two books on periodization training (The Flexible Periodization Method and Performance Optimization with Periodization), published over 150 articles and 18 instructor-training manuals. Many of his athletes have won Olympic medals, European Championships, World Championships, and ATP Tournaments. Karsten is the first strength coach to create a complete system of periodization, The Flexible Periodization Method — the first comprehensive method of periodization dedicated to holistic, individualized, and periodized (H.I.P.) training programs. For more information please visit


Lori Kirwan, PhD, CYT 350, CPT, CGFL

Lori Kirwan has worked for over 20 years as a group fitness manager and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, a Masters in Health Science and a PhD in Exercise Physiology. Throughout her academic career, she worked part-time as a fitness instructor and trainer in downtown Toronto. While the early years of her career focused on teaching mainly high-intensity fitness classes, Lori discovered Yoga after suffering a Skiing knee injury in 1997 that sidelined her for several months. She has completed yoga teacher training with many wonderful teachers around the world such as Susie Dias, Cynthia Funk, Tim Miller and David Swenson and has taught over 10,000 yoga classes since her original training in 1997. In each class that she teaches, she learns more from her students about how to be a better teacher. Her energy and enthusiasm will leave you feeling invigorated for the rest of your day.


Deanna Lawson-Langford, BA, CPTN-CPT.M

Deanna Lawson-Langford is a fitness coordinator at YWCA Hamilton, with 20 years’ experience in the fitness field. As a group exercise instructor, personal trainer and instructor trainer, Deanna shares her passion for educating new and experienced fitness professionals by providing engaging, practical and effective program/exercise ideas.


Dan MacLennan, MSc, NCCP, CPTN-CPT.M

Dan MacLennan is professor at Mohawk College and a Registered Physiotherapist who hold two Masters degrees. He has been professionally involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years where he worked as a physiotherapist, gym manager, strength and conditioning coach, and sport coach. Dan is also a FITCO Administrator for the Ministry of Corrections as well as a Practical Assessor and Course Conductor for CPTN.

Dr. Caitlin McArthur, PhD

Caitlin is a registered physical therapist and post doctoral fellow at the Geriatric Education and Research in Aging Science Centre (GERAS) at McMaster University. She completed her PhD in the Kinesiology department at the University of Waterloo with a specialization in aging, health, and well-being. She has completed her Physical Therapy (PT) degree from University of Toronto. Caitlin’s research focuses on improving rehabilitation across the continuum of care, including long-term care and home care. She also has expertise in bone health, exercise, and physical activity. Caitlin is an instructor of Bone Fit™ workshops, a continuing education course for rehabilitation professionals working with people with osteoporosis. Caitlin is the recipient of several awards including the Ontario Graduate Scholarship and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s Silver Quill Award.



Ross O’Donnell, BA, I.S.K.A. Master, CPTN-CPT

Ross O’Donnell is President of Fitness Kickboxing Canada Inc. (FKCI) and oversees operation of the Fitness Kickboxing Certifications programs and continuing education workshops across Canada. He is an experienced international fitness and martial arts presenter, a fitness columnist with over 300 published articles, and the author of 15 instructor-training manuals and of the book The Ultimate Fitness Boxing & Kickboxing Workout. Ross is also a certified Boxing Coach and Competitive Club owner through the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association (CABA-Ontario), and a Black Belt Instructor/Certified Coach and Competitive Kickboxing Club owner through CASK. Ross was selected as a member of the Ontario Kickboxing coaching staff for the 2010 Ontario Winter Games. For more information please visit









Janis Williams, BRec, BEd, CPTN-CYS, YTT 200

Janis Williams is owner and instructor of Fox Hill Yoga in Kentville, Nova Scotia. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor registered with the Yoga Alliance. She teaches within the Annapolis Valley School Board, and at Inner Sun Yoga Studio. In her eleven years of practice, Janis has been fortunate to study with some of the most respected teachers in the world, such as Eoin Finn, David Robson, Angela Jamison, and Manju Jois. She trained intensely with Mike Chapman of Breathe Into Motion® Yoga Studios in Cambridge, Ontario for three years and has taught yoga to high school, university, and professional level athletes, as well as police recruits, and children with disabilities. Janis currently teaches Ashtanga, Prenatal, Seniors Gentle, and all levels of Vinyasa yoga.

Dr. Alwyn Wong, BSc, DC

Alwyn Wong has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. As author of The Kick Acid Diet®, he has provided nutritional services for individuals and teams, focusing on long-term fat loss and improved athletic performance. Clinically, he has combined his experience with professional athletes bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts with the latest in scientific research to present a non-biased view of health and performance. For more information please visit