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Chrystal Wilson’s Personal Trainer Profile

Photo of Chrystal Wilson
Chrystal Wilson, CPTN-CPT
Status: Active
Phone (Day): 519-494-5194
Phone (Night): 519-494-5194
City: London
Province/State: Ontario
Country: Canada
E-mail: Consult Trainer
Website: View
Education: Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma
Certifications: First Aid
Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
Certified Power Plate® Trainer (CPPT)
NPFA 1001 Fire Fighter
Specialties: Personal Training (Gym)
Weight Management (Fat Loss / Weight Loss / Weight Gain)
Nutrition Counselling (Eating for Fat Loss / Meal Preparation)
Kids Fitness Camps
Postnatal (After Birth) Training
Fire Fighter Fitness Training
Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (PREP)
Affiliations: CTM Fitness (Founder)
Web Search: Personal Training (Gym) London, Weight Management (Fat Loss / Weight Loss / Weight Gain) London, Nutrition Counselling (Eating for Fat Loss / Meal Preparation) London, Kids Fitness Camps London, Postnatal (After Birth) Training London, Fire Fighter Fitness Training London, Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (PREP) London

Chrystal Wilson’s Continuing Education Courses

Chrystal has completed the following additional courses for self-improvement and to improve client training:

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Chrystal Wilson’s Videos of Practical / Instruction / Demonstrations

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Chrystal Wilson’s Awards / Media Recognition

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Chrystal Wilson’s Reviews / References / Testimonials

Fitness was a necessity to be healthy again after gaining close to 50lbs, but Chrystal made it a lifestyle for me again. Never quantifying my weekly or even monthly goals by a number on the scale, goals became things like finishing a set of push ups or being able complete a 30 second set of mountain climbers. My confidence sky rocketed and I finally felt good- heck, I believed I deserved to feel good. The 20 pounds of weight that came off thus far is just a bonus. I regained my confidence in the gym, and even repaired my relationship with food. Even when I wasn’t directly training with Chrystal there wasn’t a moment where I didn’t have support, or someone I couldn’t ask questions to. When I left London I had no idea that I would miss Chrystal this much! She is always with me though: most often annoyingly berating me to keep going at 25s in a set of mountain climbers, actually do burpees, or complete the last 10 minutes of cardio. She may be little but the impact she has had on me is anything less than big. – Jill B.

I have been working with my personal trainer, Chrystal, for one month, about 3 to 4 times a week. In that time, I have felt a major difference in terms of my energy and endurance and I have been able to lose 15 pounds. Chrystal tailored a program to my specific needs which included a focus on strengthening my back muscles and balance as well as overall body fitness. In the first week of the program, Chrystal helped me to change my eating habits by coming up with a meal plan. She also took the time to understand where my strengths and weaknesses lied in terms of my body so that she could create a unique and effective program for me. What I like about my personal training experience is that when I come in I never know what to expect. Chrystal changes up the program every time, not only to focus on different target areas but also to keep the hour fun and interesting. This has been an important factor for me, because past personal training experiences have been monotonous and less challenging as time went on. With my new personal training experience, some days are extremely challenging for me, but Chrystal has been a great motivator and has pushed me to limits I didn't think I was ready for. I am very happy with my progression so far and would recommend Chrystal to anyone who is looking for results. She takes the time to get to know you and what your specific needs are and also pushes you to a level you would probably never push yourself. I am planning on continuing with the personal training for another few months because of the success so far and hope to reach my target of losing another 30 pounds. What I have learned from my experience is that consistency and pushing yourself beyond your limits are important components in reaching your target weight and fitness level. Thank you Chrystal for helping me get there! – Saleema.

Perseverance, stamina, confidence and a commitment to healthy living; these are all qualities that I have strengthened since I began my fitness training with Chrystal Wilson in September of 2009. Prior to my training, I was physically active on a moderate level. With the high demands of becoming a mother of twins in March of 2009, I was left with little time for myself. The babies and I took walks every day and I continued with the moderate activity level, yet, this wasn’t helping me to return to my “pre-baby” weight. My body had begun to plateau and I was determined to lose those last 10 pounds. I decided to look into becoming a member at the Athletic Club and was intrigued by the “personal trainer“ idea. It took one week with Chrystal and I was hooked. I knew that she could help me reach my personal fitness goals, with an understanding of “no pain, no gain“. I couldn’t believe how quickly those 10 pounds came off and I began to see results of a stronger and healthier me! Now, 4 years later and still going strong, working with a personal trainer has made me committed to an active and healthy lifestyle. With Chrystal’s continued motivation, guidance and support, along with the encouraging and friendly atmosphere of the Athletic Club, I have built a foundation of healthy living for myself and my family for many years to come. – Silvia P.

Merit Points: 45 / 60+ (Award of Merit)


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