Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between CPTN and other organizations?

The CPTN is a member driven organization and our main focus is to service our members. As a result we strive to provide the best certifications, workshops, examinations and resources that will provide our members with the tools required form them to be successful in the fitness and lifestyle industry.

Our Personal Trainer Certification is considered one of the best in Canada due to our high standards. We require that CPTN Certified Personal Trainers (CPTN-CPT) achieve a passing grade of 75% for application of knowledge in both theory and practical components.

Trainers are encouraged to maintain their certification status through Conferences, Workshops and Distance Education (Online/In-Home) courses to keep leaps and bounds ahead in their field. To remain listed as a personal trainer referral on our site, trainers must maintain their certification status. All our trainers are verified with submitted proof of completion certificates.

Do I have to be a CPTN Certified Personal Trainer to be a CPTN Member?

No. The CPTN welcomes members from other agencies as well as non-certified individuals and organizations to join its Membership base. You are required to be a CPTN-CPT to be listed on our Find A Trainer page. Please read the Membership Benefits page to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer.

What benefits does CPTN Membership provide?

You can learn more about our Membership Benefits and partner offers before making a decision to register. You can register online on the Membership page.

Can I register or order over-the-phone instead of online?

Yes. CPTN can process registrations or orders over-the-phone if that method is preferred. We are doing e-commerce through Beanstream for secure online transactions.

We will continue to provide print and mail-in forms where applicable to offer offline registration support. However the online method is recommended because it allows us to process registrations and orders much faster through our back-end.

Does CPTN share my personal information with other companies?

No. Your personal information will never be imparted to another organization. The CPTN will however allow other companies to send promotional or continuing education information to its Members through the use of a bonded mailing list. This means that companies will never have hands on access to personal contact information or e-mail address.

What happens after I have completed Membership registration?

Your registration will be processed and that includes e-mail of login details for the Members Portal and creating the Membership Card.

You will begin to receive our e-newsletters which is distributed during the first week of each month. You will also receive the current CPTN Report, gain access to back issues of Reports, Client Handouts that are available from the Members Portal.

Your membership card will be in the mail about 3 business weeks after the date of registration.

Do I need to renew my Membership status?

Yes. Membership Renewal is required for members that are not certified and if their status is about to expire. You can renew Membership online using the Membership Renewal Form or print and mail-in or e-mail the renewal forms on the Membership page.

For CPTN Certified Trainers renewing their certification status, the membership renewal fees are waived, so there is no need to renew membership prior to Certification Renewal. Please ensure that the required proof of completion documents are available for online submission.

Where can I find my membership and certification renewal date?

Your membership expiration and certification renewal date is listed on the CPTN Membership card. Certified Members have the same, membership and certification renewal dates. This information is also provided on the Member Account information page from the Members Portal.

What is the difference between Member and Trainer status?

The CPTN Member status applies to our member benefits and pertains to certain benefits. You do not have to be a Certified Personal Trainer to become a Member. To maintain Membership status, please use the Membership Renewal Online Form.

The CPTN Trainer status applies to our trainer benefits. Your status as a CPTN Certified Professional Trainer requires you to maintain a total of 7 CEC per year (14 every two years) once certification status has been achieved.

I have lost my CPTN membership card?

You are welcome to order a replacement on the Administration Services page from the Members Portal or await a new updated card upon Certification Renewal.

You can retrieve account details to the Members Portal using the Forgotten Information page.

Do I have to take the Art & Science of Personal Training Workshop?

No. The Art and Science of Personal Training workshop was designed to prepare new Personal Trainers to write our Examination. This course includes The Art and Science of Personal Training manual but it can also be purchased on our Books page. Although we recommend taking the course, Trainers with sufficient knowledge can order The Art and Science of Personal Training manual from our Books page to review and register online for an Examination.

What happens if I fail the CPTN-CPT Theory Exam?

If you fail the CPTN-CPT Theory Exam, we invite you to register for the CPTN-CPT Theory Exam Rewrite 24 hours after your previous attempt or at a later date. Please do not attempt to rewrite the examination immediately after failing, although we admire your motivation. Your brain requires rest periods after 3 hours of time-pressured concentration to refocus.

You are not alone among the unsuccessful candidates, and failing is not a sign of incompetence, but a lack of preparation. You might be rushing to complete our certification for a job requirement. Our examinations are intended to be difficult for the average trainer, so please do not feel discouraged if a passing grade was not achieved on the first attempt.

We recommend reviewing the areas that you did not score well in, and now that you have seen the types of questions rewriting will be a lot easier. The examination questions are presented in random order from what was presented first, so do not memorize the order of the questions, but understand the material instead.

After better preparation, you can register for the CPTN-CPT Theory Exam Rewrite on the Examinations page.

What happens if I fail the CPTN-CPT Practical Assessment?

If you fail the Practical Assessment examination, we invite you to make a second attempt approximately 4-6 weeks after your previous attempt. You should review the techniques for the Practical Examination component.

After better preparation, you can register for the Practical Examination Re-Assessment on the Examinations page.

What is Continuing Education? What are CECs?

Continuing education courses, programs or organized learning experiences are taken after a degree or diploma is obtained to enhance personal or professional goals. You are rewarded with a certain amount of Continuing Education Credits (CECs) after completing the courses. One hour of continuing education equals 1 CPTN CEC, that is the time taken for attending lectures, workshops or seminars not including lunch breaks.

Can I petition related Continuing Education courses to obtain CPTN CECs?

Yes. You can petition the course for CPTN CECs using the CPTN Petition form on the Members Portal page. We recommend reviewing the petition form prior to taking a course so that the required information can be obtained in order to submit a completed petition form.

You can also find detailed course information from course outlines provided with the instructors contact information or from the course providers web site.

How do I obtain status to be a CPTN CEC provider for a course I offer?

To gain CPTN CEC Provider status for a course, the course provider or instructor must complete the CEC Provider Application form on the Members Portal page.

Does the CPTN offer career opportunities for its Trainers?

Yes. The CPTN offers several career opportunities for our Trainers on the Members Portal page.

What do I need to do in order to present at a CPTN Conference?

You need to complete the Conference Presenter Application form found on the Members Portal page and mail-in with all the required documents and items to the CPTN mailing address found on the Contacts page.

What should I do if I am unable to complete the registration process?

There are several possibilities that would cause a transaction to fail:

  • Your credit card is not activated, has reached its limit, supplied information is incorrect or has address/spelling errors or not consistent with stored banking information. To resolve this, please confirm that the card is indeed valid to use, use another card or call to register if possible.
  • You have not completed the information on our forms according to our client side and server side validations. To resolve this, please check the data being submitted is not ignoring the requested format.
  • You have ordered/registered for the same item with the same price more than once within 1 hour. This is double billing and the later purchase is rejected. To resolve this, please wait 1 hour before attempting to make another purchase.
  • Your web browser is not up to date and requires updating to support modern web technologies. To resolve this, please download the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer
  • Your web browser has JavaScript blocked through antivirus/firewall/ad-blocking applications or plug-ins. To resolve this, please unblock our web site or disable such applications or plug-ins for this process.

If all of the above troubleshooting tips fail to resolve the issue, please contact

Will I able to find a job as a CPTN Certified Personal Trainer in a fitness studio?

Yes. CPTN Certification is recognized in North America. We provide Job Listings of available positions to our Members that is updated on a regular basis. One of the great things about being a Certified Personal Trainer is that it’s possible to start a private business outside of facilities; offering to train clients at their workplace, in their homes, in a private studio or in a suitable location for such a purpose.

Does CPTN provide me with help in finding job placements?

Yes. The CPTN receives frequent job postings from club owners and fitness studio managers. Job Listings are posted in the Members Portal page. We provide starter resume templates for new and existing Members to respond to job postings. We have incorporated a quick search feature for our Trainer search that simplifies how clients find Trainers. This is a tremendous boost for our Personal Trainers and it also helps to promote Trainer businesses for those Trainers with web sites. We have also developed a Trainer consultation form which allows clients to schedule a formal consultation with a Trainer when viewing their profiles thus bringing the jobs to the Trainers.

Are there facilities that allow me to rent space to train my clients?

Yes. There are several facilities that are renting out their rooms or providing space to train clients. For a list of available facilities, please view the Facility Listings page.

What do I need to do to be included in the Personal Trainer listings?

In order to be listed on the Personal Trainer Search page. You must be a current member, have current CPTN-CPT certification, current CPR and First Aid certification. Members who are CPTN certified will have to submit their trainer profiles using the Profile Submission page. Please note that updates are not instant and requires screening to provide correctness and consistent results to potential clients.