Post Jobs for Professional Trainers

There are hundreds of clients, club owners and fitness studio managers who are in need of Personal Trainers to train their existing clients. Submit a Job Post to CPTN, to reach an extensive Personal Trainer user base.

Post Fitness Training Facilities for Rent

New Personal Trainers often seek training facilities to train their clients without the need for their client to become a member of those facilities or purchasing expensive equipment. Submit a Facility Post to CPTN, to offer space and facilities for rent

Advertise With Us in the CPTN Reports

The CPTN Reports are our seasonal reports. Your sponsorship helps to fund CPTN’s education program development, hosted Conferences and Workshops. In addition it promotes great new fitness businesses to a targeted audience of real trainers. To learn more about advertising rates, please read Advertising Rates Booking Sheet (PDF, 99KB).

Provide CEC Courses for Trainers

Personal Training Certification is not the final stop to education. All CPTN Personal Trainers are required to maintain their certifications through approved continuing education programs. Trainers earn credits based on the number of actual in class teaching hours. Online courses would be approximated time including testing. To learn more about our current programs, please view our Education and Workshops page.

Note: Course providers or instructors must complete a CEC Provider Application form. Please e-mail to request a CEC Provider form.