Current members login to Members Portal for member rates. All non-approved CEC courses require Petitioned approval before Renewal.


Certification Renewal

Your CPTN certification status is due for renewal each year or every 2 years. You require 7 CECs to renew for 1-Year or 14 CECs to renew for 2-Years. One hour of continuing education equals 1 CPTN CEC up to a maximum of 14 CECs. We prohibit the banking of CECs as such extra/unused credits will not be carried over to the next recertification period. This ensures that all trainers posess current education. We encourage using the maximum available credits for renewal.

Note: Trainers within the 6 months overdue period can renew their CPTN certification status else practical retesting.

CEC Petitions

Courses that are not listed on the Online Courses and Workshops page or not preapproved can be Petitioned for CECs:

  1. Obtain as much of the following as proof of completion for the course to be submitted:
    1. a scanned image or document of the certificate of completion,
    2. a scanned image or document of the title page,
    3. a scanned image or document of the course outline (indicating course hours),
    4. a scanned image or document of the table of contents,
    5. a scanned image or document of transcripts.
  2. Submit an Online Petition for non-approved courses or event for a maxium of CPTN-7 CECs.
  3. Submit the requirements using our Document Upload page or e-mail to

Note: A maximum of 7 CPTN CECs (CPTN-7) petitioned will be allowed. A processing fee of $15 per course is applied.

Membership Renewal

We thank our on-going supporters whom are interested in maintaining their affiliation but have no interest in becoming certified. Certified trainers are exempted but are required to renew their certifications to maintain their designations.

Note: CPTN Certified Trainers are exempted from Membership Renewal, please view the Certification Renewal page.