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CPTN Certified Personal Trainer

Communication & Consulting Skills


  1. To be able to demonstrate clarity (speed, volume, tone), task break down, verbal cues, and specific feedback in training the fitness components (cardiovascular, flexibility, resistance)
  2. To explain contraindication, give examples and alternatives

Your consulting knowledge, clarity and logic will be evaluated on your spontaneous responses to various health and fitness related statements. Examples of these statements include:

  1. Compare and contrast a warm up stretch and a cool down stretch
  2. Differentiate between static and PNF stretching
  3. Teach an individual how to monitor their heart rate
  4. Define repetition maximum. Define 1RM and 10RM
  5. Define sets, reps and load
  6. What would you do if a client requires expertise outside your competency?
  7. How would you recognize when it is time to progress?