CPTN Certified Personal Trainer

Interpersonal & Consulting Skills

This topic area will focus on Personal Trainers abilities to communicate effectively with their clients and in their promotional messages. Consulting encompasses goal setting, needs assessment and program design interpretations.

Areas to be covered:

  • Professional image
  • How to keep clients motivated
  • Communication skills for developing rapport
  • Promoting yourself and your service
  • Understanding your role as a Personal Trainer
  • Needs assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Program design

Key Concepts:

  • To understand how to develop rapport
  • To understand the terms active listening and negative self-concept
  • To understand strategies for motivation e.g. self-contract, financial investment, family/peer support
  • To compare and contrast the types of reinforcement e.g. specific versus general
  • To establish self-directedness
  • To set realistic goals
  • To understand appraisal procedures and climate setting
  • To interpret and discuss appraisal results