CPTN Certified Personal Trainer

Program Design Development

Written Periodized Program Design

  1. To provide a written mission statement outlining your beliefs and objectives as a Personal Trainer.
  2. To prepare a written case study utilizing the information outlined in the Program Design chapter of the CPTN Art & Science of Personal Training manual and documented on the CPTN Program Design Templates: Client Profile and SMART goals template, Macro plan Template, and the Program Design Template:
    1. Description of client: age, gender, height, weight, BMI, resting heart rate, blood pressure, occupation, health condition, fitness level, interests, goals and completed physical activity questionnaire.
    2. Outline a long-term, 12-week macrocycle plan: (chart form required) with considerations made regarding training principles, balanced workouts, periodization, modalities.
    3. Details of a single workout: (the workout selected must relate to the long-term macrocycle) warm-up, stretch, workout, muscle conditioning, cool down, relaxation.