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CPTN Certified Personal Trainer

Resistance Techniques


To demonstrate safe and efficient technique in the use of free weights, weight machines and body weight exercises.


Starting and finishing positions, placement of body parts and equipment, body alignment, proportion adjustments, actual technique, range of motion, error detection, task breakdown, spotting.

Specific Exercises:

Quadriceps (leg extension and lunge), hamstrings (standing and lying leg curls), gastrocnemius (standing calf raise), tibialis anterior (dorsi flexion exercises), abductors (hip abduction), adductors (hip adduction), back extensors (back extension on floor and on machine), latissimus dorsi (lat pull down and chin ups), rhomboids (seated cable row and one arm row), trapezius (shrugs and lateral raise), deltoids (shoulder press and frontal raise), pectorals (dumbbell flies and cable crossovers), biceps (barbell curl and hammer curl), triceps (kickback and pushdown), forearms (wrist curls and reverse curls).


  • To demonstrate 2 compulsory exercises: squat and flat bench press.
  • To demonstrate exercises from the upper body and lower body through random selection.