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Award of Merit Guidelines

About Merit Distinction

The CPTN Award of Merit was developed to recognize the excellent contributions of CPTN Certified Personal Trainers with the designation CPTN-CPT.M as a sign of reaching a gold standard in their field.

  1. Trainers can nominate themselves or CPTN members can nominate them via profile.
  2. The nominee must ensure relevant proof of completion credentials and claims as required.
  3. A CPTN committee review panel will assess the nomination and all submitted documentation.
  4. Trainers receiving an Award of Merit will be presented their certificates at the next CPTN Conference.

Category Distinctions

CPTN Specialist Certifications:

Complete a CPTN specialist certification program.

Commitment to Training:

Have been a CPTN-CPT for 5 Years or more. This does not include other certifcation distinctions.

Commitment to Continuing Education:

Complete post high school education in the field of health and fitness. Complete additional CEC courses in areas of assessments, strength training, post-rehabilitation and training clients with disabilities.

Contribution to Development of Trainers:

Trainers must be active as a presenter (minimum of 3 workshops/seminars), practical assessor (minimum of 8 practical assessments), certification course conductor (minimum of 2 courses) or mentor (mentored or tutored at least 4 trainers).

Competitive Athletic Experience:

Hold current NCCP coach certification with coaching experience or competitive experience at the provincial level.

Participation in Trainer Search:

Listed on the public trainer search, featuring a profile photo, before and after photos, videos of training demonstration, and client testimonials.

Media Recognition:

Maximum point total accumulated may include more than one proof of contribution from the same form of media (e.g. newspaper articles) excluding advertisements.

Public Relations:

Trainers can participate in volunteer work, motivating and organizing clients to attend charities, fitness or athletic events, donations, or extra public efforts to educate their local communities on health and fitness or affect governing policies.