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Membership Benefits Overview

CPTN Member Benefits:

Access to CPTN’s Members Portal

CPTN Members will be given access to our e-services through the Members Portal. The Members Portal is our central information page for Member services and will host future features that are exclusive to Members.

The CPTN Report issues

The CPTN Report issues are mailed to our Members. It contains information about Personal Trainer success stories, exercise techniques, current trends, and health information. New Members will have access to our archive of back issues.

E-news issues and client handouts

You will receive the CPTN E-News and Client Handouts each month via e-mail.

Access to personal trainer job listings

Jobs are posted from club owners and fitness studios managers who seek Certified Personal Trainers to work with their clients. The job listings are made available to our Members who are pursuing their career as a Personal Trainer.

Access to fitness facilities listings

CPTN Members whom are starting up often require places to train their clients clients but access to expensive equipment is often limited. These listings provide facilities that offer their space and equipment for a small fee where clients will have access to all the high end equipment and top notch training services from the CPTN Trainer.

Image of FKCI Logo

Fitness Kickboxing Canada Inc.

CPTN Members receive a 10% discount on FKCI Program Operator License fee. For more information please view the Members Portal.

SimpleCPR First Aid and CPR

CPTN Members receive a 10% discount on all online courses. For more information please view the Members Portal.

Discounts on CPTN Conferences and Workshops

You will receive discounts on Conferences and workshops. You will need your CPTN Membership ID when completing forms which identification to provide the discounted service.

Discounts on educational books and multimedia

You will receive discounts on books and multimedia software purchased through CPTN. This is a great chance to get several fitness resources offered at low prices. These resources are supplemental material for preparing to take our Examination.

Certified Trainer Benefits:

Access to sport insurance from other bodies

Sports insurance provides coverage for accidents with clients. You will not be held responsible in case of an accident while training clients. For a list of insurance providers, please view our Links page.

National certification recognition

Our Personal Trainer Certification is considered one of the best in Canada due to our high standards. We require Personal Trainers to earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs) through distance education to maintain their certification status and keep leaps and bounds ahead in physical health and education. Our certification features a practical one-on-one component to our examination criteria.

Access to Online Courses

CPTN Certified Personal Trainers are required to keep leaps and bounds ahead in the field. You will have access to distance education courses. These high-level courses are provided to Trainers through text, guides, CD-ROM and online instructions. Trainers can earn all Continuing Education Credits (CEC) needed for their recertification through Online Courses.

Listed on CPTN’s website as a Personal Trainer

You will be listed on the CPTN Find A Trainer page in a search from potential clients, club owners and studio managers who are in constant search of new Trainers in their area. Please view the Members Portal to submit updates for Trainer profiles.

Eligible to join CPTN’s leadership team of Practical Assessors and Course Conductors

As a CPTN Certified Personal Trainer, there are opportunities to become trained as a CPTN Practical Assessor or CPTN Course Conductor. These Member opportunities are listed in the CPTN Reports and E-News.

Able to start own personal training business

One of the great things about being a CPTN Certified Personal Trainer is that, it’s possible to start a credible private business and offer to train clients, in home, at a studio or other suitable facilities. We provide a listing of available facilities for rent in our Members Portal.