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NASE Speed and Explosion Specialist Certification Level 1 - Online


  • Enrollment in a Bachelors Degree/Diploma program
  • OR completed 15 hours of undergraduate course work
  • OR distinction as a CPTN Certified Personal Trainer (CPTN-CPT)


The NASE Speed and Explosion Specialist Certification Level 1 introduces candidates to the foundational principles of speed and power development for team sport athletes. This level 1 class is ideal for undergraduate students or team sport coaches.

Course Objectives

  • Provide an entry level understanding of biomechanics and exercise physiology as it pertains to improving speed and athletic performance.
  • Present practical applications pertaining to proper warm-up procedures, drills, exercises, and sample programs that can be immediately applied upon completion of the course.
  • Introduce a variety of key fundamental concepts pertaining to the development of sports performance with an emphasis on speed and explosiveness.
  • Lay the foundational groundwork for any coach interested in enhancing their athlete's speed and performance.

Student Information

This course requires the student to integrate knowledge learned from professional experience and prior learning in fitness and athletics. Understanding important topics in exercise science are necessary for one to appropriately plan and implement safe and effective training. Any coach working with young athletes carries the responsibility of teaching the fundamental skills and techniques that will carry them throughout their careers to elite level competition. The contents of this course will have you well on your way to developing faster and more explosive athletes.

Course Materials

After registering for the course, an ID and Password is issued from NASE that permits applicants to access the course materials that are presented in modules in an online platform. Students can progress at their own pace working with Instructor Brian Oddi. Students will take the National Association of Speed and Explosion's Speed and Explosion Specialist Level 1 credentialing exam as the final assessment.

Required Testing

  • Exam: 80 minutes (1.3 Hours) – 50 multiple-choice questions
  • Passing Grade: 70% or higher


  • CPTN CECs: 7.0