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NASE Speed and Explosion Specialist Certification Level 2 - Online


  • Enrollment in a Bachelors Degree/Diploma program OR 3-5 years of coaching experience
  • NASE-SES Level 1 certification OR distinction as a CPTN Certified Personal Trainer (CPTN-CPT)


The NASE Speed and Explosion Specialist Certification Level 2 course requires students to integrate knowledge learned from professional experience and prior learning in coaching and speed improvement.

Course Objectives

  • Discuss muscle physiology, growth and development, and the energy systems as they relate to performance enhancement with an emphasis on speed development, high-performance sports conditioning, and advanced sports nutrition.
  • Review and implement speed improvement programs specific to a sport and athlete.
  • Discuss nutritional plans designed to improve speed and quickness and athletic performance for all types of athletes.
  • Examine in detail the basic principles of speed improvement training.
  • Review specific training techniques including foundation training, speed-strength and power training, plyometrics, sports loading, speed endurance training, sprinting form and technique and sprint-assisted training.

Student Information

Students will perform program design implementation for a case study including program planning, periodization, the actual design of a workout schedule and sample workouts in the preseason, in-season, and post season periods for each student’ specialty area (strength and conditioning coaches; middle, high school, college and pro coaches; youth sports coaches; physical therapist; athletic trainers; personal trainers; undergraduates and graduate health and wellness; and Physical education and athletic training majors).

Students will document progress of their case study in speed improvement based on their client, profession, and sport at the end of the semester in the form of a written case study project.

Course Materials

After registering for the course, an ID and Password is issued from NASE that permits applicants to access the course materials that are presented in modules in an online platform. Students can progress at their own pace working with Instructor Brian Oddi. Students will take the NASE-SES Level 2 credentialing exam as the final assessment.

Required Testing

  • Exam: 120 minutes (2 Hours) – 70 multiple-choice questions
  • Passing Grade: 70% or higher


  • CPTN CECs: 7.0