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Robyn Deverett’s Personal Trainer Profile

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Robyn Deverett, CPTN-CPT
Status: Inactive (Certification Renewal)
Phone (Day): N/A
Phone (Night): N/A
City: Thornhill
Province/State: Ontario
Country: CA
E-mail: N/A
Website: N/A
Education: MSc, BA (Honours)
Certifications: First Aid
canfitpro FIS
Pelvic Health Level 5
Zumba Basic 2
Zumba Gold
Specialties: Personal Training (In-Home)
Weight Management (Fat Loss / Weight Loss / Weight Gain)
Women's Fitness Training (Pelvic Floor Dysfunction)
Physiotherapist (Massage / Pain Relief / Swelling Reduction)
Post-Rehabilitation (Arm and Leg Injuries / Upper and Lower Back Pain / Postural Correction / Repetitive Strain Injuries)
Affiliations: N/A

Merit Points: 40 / 60+ (Award of Merit)

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