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CPTN Training Camp for Practical Assessors


Become a CPTN Practical Assessor for your area and play a key role in the certification of new personal trainers. You will be taught the essentials of how to effectively assess candidates using CPTN’s unique assessment tool. You will learn the skills necessary to successfully evaluate candidates on their skills in cardiovascular training, resistance training, program design, and communication.


  • Hold a current CPTN-CPT certification for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Have a minimum of 3 years experience in Personal Training.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Access to a computer, internet and e-mail.
  • Basic computing skills and understanding of Microsoft Office Word and Excel.
  • Resume with scanned copies of indicated credentials.

Application Steps:

Complete the Practical Assessor Application found in the Members Portal and e-mail to including the requirements. Successful applicants will be informed of acceptance and sent an invoice for the registration fee.

Course Instructors


Marie is a seasoned veteran of the fitness industry with roots in group exerciser, personal training and pilates. She is the owner of BodyPulse. As an employee of the University of Toronto she held the positions of Weight Room Strength Performance Manager, Personal Trainer and group exercise instructor. She was also the facilitator of the FPHE Mini Health School, instructor for the PAC 300 Principle of Fitness Level 2 workshop and the CycleFit coordinator.

Karsten Jensen, MSc, CPTN-CPT.M, CHEK Practitioner L2, CHEK HLC L3

Karsten Jensen has helped world class and Olympic athletes from 26 different sports for over 20 years. Many of his athletes have won Olympic medals, European Championships, World Championships and ATP Tournaments. Karsten is the first strength coach to create a complete system of periodization, The Flexible Periodization Method – the first complete method of periodization dedicated to holistic, individualized and periodized (HIP) training programs. Karsten shares all aspects of The Flexible Periodization Method with his fellow strength coaches and personal trainers through the Flexible Periodization Method workshop series (Level 1–4). For more information please visit

Sheldon Persad, MSc, NCCP, CSCS, SWC©, CPTN-CPT.M

Sheldon is a co-owner of Personal Best Health & Performance Inc. Sheldon’s experience includes being the coach to athletes from a variety of sports who have competed at several major international competitions including the Olympics. Sheldon is proud to be a co-founder of the CPTN and is a Course Conductor for Practical Assessors. He has recently co-authored another book, which will be released in conjunction with an online workshop through Human Kinetics. For more information please visit