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KettleCamp Certification Level 1


Kettlebell training in its traditional teaching format can be quite monotonous, boring or limited to strength and rehab training. The KettleCamp training system has been created to use this safe and effective tool in combination with bodyweight exercises to provide interesting HIIT workouts that target several areas of physical fitness (strength, cardio, endurance, speed, power, joint mobility, core stability, etc) all in the same training session.

A KettleCamp Certification provides participants with the expertise necessary to teach one of the most effective, powerful and transformative training systems in existence. The skills and teaching concepts established in KettleCamp training provide instructors with the ability to offer unique, interesting and addictive workouts that refresh and excite their clients and their own outlook on exercise!

The Level One KettleCamp Certification workshop introduces participants to the benefits of using kettlebells in combination with body weight exercises for safe, fun and effective workouts. These workouts encompass a wide variety of physical and mental benefits (cardio, strength, endurance, speed, power, core stability, flexibility, joint mobility, increased confidence, self-pride and more) all in the same training session. During the Level One KettleCamp Certification workshop, participants learn, practice and develop the skills to perform and successfully instruct a minimum of 10 kettlebell and 10 bodyweight exercises, including modified and advanced variations = 60 exercises. These exercises are combined to create numerous 20 - 60-minute workouts that facilitate all levels of fitness.

All participants receive a Level One KettleCamp Manual which further outlines the purpose, benefits and principles of creating KettleCamp workouts. Designing and developing your own KettleCamp workouts, however, will be covered in the Master KettleCamp Instructor Certification. The Level One KettleCamp Manual includes pictures and descriptions of how to perform and modify 10 kettlebell and 10 bodyweight exercises. Also contained within the manual are 20 predesigned KettleCamp workouts with rights to be promoted, practiced and implemented solely by Certified KettleCamp Instructors.

Everyone attending Level One KettleCamp Certification is required to complete a written and physical examination on Day 2 of the certification course to demonstrate an understanding of the KettleCamp training system, as well as, a competent level of personal fitness ability and instructional proficiency.


  • Notebooks, pen, pencil, paper, etc…

Course Instructors

Jennifer Hintenberger, BKin, MEd

Jennifer is a seasoned veteran of the fitness industry, having held the positions of a personal trainer, facility owner, international speaker and kettlebell competitor. Successful in overcoming the challenge of excessive weight, Jennifer channels her energies into kettlebell training and education. She is an EGSA Master Coach; Level 3 Certified KETACADEMY Coach and a World Kettlebell Club (WKC) Kettlebell Sport Coach. A kettlebell skills expert and kettlebell sports competitor, she holds multiple kettlebell world records including 2x16kg Long Cycle - 110 reps, 63kg Weight Class, 2x16kg Jerks - 150 reps, Absolute World Record, 2x16kg Biathlon - 270 points, Absolute World Record.