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ZFA - Biomarker Fitness Assessment


This fitness assessment course is based on the Biomarkers of Aging concept. Researchers have determined that there 10 markers that are more indicative of one’s health than one’s chronological age. These include: lean body mass; BMI; body fat percentage; waist-hip ratio; blood pressure; aerobic capacity; temperature regulation; cholesterol level and ratio; triglyceride levels; and blood sugar tolerance. Furthermore, they are objective and reliable. Not only will participants learn how to measure these variables, but they will be given all of the related information which they can use to educate their clients. Participants will learn how to take a proper health and exercise history, as well as learn how to measure and interpret the biomarkers.

Course Objectives:

  1. Teach individuals how to conduct a thorough, yet efficient lifestyle and health history.
  2. Educate professionals on how to perform introductory fitness testing.
  3. Utilize information garnered from tests to design safe and effective programs.


  • Notebooks, pen, pencil, paper etc…

Course Instructors

Dr. Alwyn Wong, BSc, DC

Alwyn Wong has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. As author of The Kick Acid Diet®, he has provided nutritional services for individuals and teams, focusing on long-term fat loss and improved athletic performance. Clinically, he has combined his experience with professional athletes bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts with the latest in scientific research to present a non-biased view of health and performance. For more information please visit