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ZFA - Functional Assessment, Activation and Kinesio Taping


Functional Assessment and Activation is a two-part course (upper and lower limb) that builds upon the intro Functional Anatomy Specialist Level 1 Online program. Specifically, the focus is upon muscle assessment, functional assessment and kinesiology taping. Upon identifying common patterns of muscle dysfunction, students will learn how to correct them using the following paradigm: test; activate; re-test; tape.

Course Objectives:

  1. Educate professionals about functional anatomy.
  2. Educate professionals on how to perform muscle-testing.
  3. Educate professionals and to perform kinesio taping protocols to enhance muscle function.
  4. Provide fitness professionals with the tools to design safe and effective programs based on muscle function and dysfunction.
  5. Prepare fitness professionals for various continuing education courses.

Required Reading:

  • Functional Assessment, Activation and Kinesiology Taping Manual
  • Proprioceptive Taping Manual


  • Notebooks, pen, pencil, paper etc…

Course Instructors

Dr. Alwyn Wong, BSc, DC

Alwyn Wong has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. As author of The Kick Acid Diet®, he has provided nutritional services for individuals and teams, focusing on long-term fat loss and improved athletic performance. Clinically, he has combined his experience with professional athletes bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts with the latest in scientific research to present a non-biased view of health and performance. For more information please visit