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Conference 2005 Speaker Biographies

Paul Aspinall, BPE, CPTN-CPT

Paul is the Director of Personal Training for Mayfair Racquet and Fitness Clubs, is a CPTN Certified Personal Trainer, CPTN Practical Assessor, and Course Conductor. He currently teaches Program Design at Seneca College and lectures at various corporations and facilities in Toronto. His educational background includes a degree in Physical Education with a major in Athletic Therapy, and a diploma in Fitness and Lifestyle Management from George Brown College. For more information, please visit

John Berardi, PhD, CSCS

John is one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of human performance and nutrition. John is a prolific author, a sought-after speaker and a consultant to Olympic, professional and elite athletes, as well as executives and recreational weightlifters serious about achieving optimal results. For more information, please visit

Tudor Bompa, PhD

Tudor is regarded worldwide as the leading specialist in the areas of training, coaching and fitness theory, to which he has contributed several new concepts. Tudor has published 14 books (all best sellers) that have been translated into 18 languages. Most of these books are used as textbooks in universities, coaching institutions, certification programs and continuing education courses in more than 150 countries. He has also published over a hundred research papers while at the same time making presentations in over 35 countries on topics such as training theory, planning-periodization, training methods, strength and power training, specifics of training for team sports and more. For more information, please visit

Vera Bond, BA

Vera is a Kinesiology graduate from the University of Western Ontario as well as a recognized Reebok Master Trainer and Certified Instructor. Vera combines an extensive educational and online background with 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Her enthusiasm for instruction combined with a focus on education and fun keep her presentations upbeat, action packed, and on the leading edge!

Jeff Boris, BPHE, CPTN-CPT.M

Jeff is an avid fitness enthusiast, wellness advocate and Personal Trainer for over 14 years, Jeff Boris’ expertise is sought after as a Trainer of Trainers with the Certified Professional Trainers Network, and the Community Education Coordinator for the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging. Through his global company, The Wellness Source, Jeff supports health and fitness professionals with the latest research and technologies in personal wellness and performance.

Aubrey Bryce, BSE, BA, NCCP

Aubrey was an Olympian, in the sport of Track Cycling, and is still actively successful as a Master’s Racing Cyclist in Canada and USA. He is president of Enduro Training Systems Inc. a business providing effective coaching services to the athlete within, from the sedentary to the competitive individual, regardless of age, level and disposition. He is also a partner in The Fitness Factory, an indoor training facility for cyclists and multisport athletes in Scarborough, Ontario. In May of 2004, from a worldwide pool of cycling coaches, he was selected by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Olympic Solidarity, the organization having responsibility for the Training and Development of coaches in certain areas of the world, to present and certify Cycling Coaches in South America. For more information, please visit

Michael Carrera, MSc

Michael has a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and a Specialized Honours degree in Kinesiology and Health Science. Michael is a published author who has contributed to numerous scientific journals, articles, chapters and manuals in the areas of fitness, health and sports conditioning. He recently coauthored, Periodization: Training for Sports (2nd Edition) and is currently working on another book. In addition to his outstanding writing accomplishments, Michael is an international presenter. He has appeared as a health expert on numerous radio and television shows across Canada. For more information, please visit

Lucinda Jensen, BPE, CPTN-CPT

Lucinda is an international presenter, has been a Certified Fitness Professional for over 16 years, and recognized for her specialization in mind body training and fitness program management administration skills. She is a Fitness Management Consultant and Coach, the Education and Communications Coordinator for CPTN, and working towards completing her Masters in Sports Psychology.

Maureen Connolly, PhD, CPTN-CPT

Maureen is a co-director of Real Body Health and Fitness and also have a professional life in academic scholarship in the fields of disability studies, communication, movement education, dance, fitness and conditioning, and applications of contemporary theories of embodiment and culture.

Tom Craig, PhD, CPTN-CPT

Tom is a co-director of Real Body Health and Fitness and also have a professional life in academic scholarship in the fields of disability studies, communication, movement education, dance, fitness and conditioning, and applications of contemporary theories of embodiment and culture.

Jill Cressy, BPHE

Jill is a certified Neuromuscular Integrative Action (NIA) instructor and an Assistant Program Manager at the University of Toronto (U of T) Faculty of Physical Education and Health. She supervises the Fitness, Dance and Active Integration programs at the U of T Athletic Centre. Jill is an active presenter for various organizations including The Secretan Centre, The Learning Annex, The Yorkville Club, and The Yoga Show.

Farhan dhalla, BSc, BHSc

As a licensed physiotherapist and Personal Trainer, Farhan integrates his diverse background to create an all-encompassing approach to fitness. He is a Reebok Master Trainer, and has presented throughout Canada, the US, and Australia. As owner of Commitment to Optimal Health, Farhan offers instructor workshops, community seminars, and personal training services.

Joanne Fournier, BComm, BL, ACE-CPT, FIS

Joanne is a Master Instructor for the Spinning program, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Stott Pilates certified and a Fitness Instructor Specialist. She holds a degree in both Communications and Law. Joanne teaches Spinning and also works as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. She teaches Pilates in her own studio facility and has volunteered her professional services for the Breast Cancer Support Services.

Paul Gagné, BA

Paul is an exercise kinesiologist, Posturologist,Somatotherapist and strength and conditioning consultant. His expertise lies in training protocols for, postural, rehabilitation , muscular balance and performance enhancement. He is the strength and conditioning consultant and sport nutritionist for the Octagon sports agency for their NHL hockey players and for the David Leadbetter Golf Academy. Paul Gagné gives seminars on the subjects of posturology, injury prevention and training methods.

Judy Goss, PhD

Judy received her PhD in Sport Psychology from the University of Maryland and is a Certified Consultant by the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology. Presently, Judy is employed by the Canadian Sport Centre Ontario as an Athlete Services Consultant developing programs and initiatives to enrich the general well-being of athletes and a Sport Psychology Consultant working with National and Olympic Team Members in Ontario. Judy has written numerous articles and presented at national and international conferences.

Curt Gsell, BSc

Curt is a Master Instructor for the Spinning program, Curt is also a certified Personal Trainer specializing in endurance athletes. Drawing on his martial arts background, his training encompasses complete mind/body philosophy for athletic performance. Curt’s clients range from elite athletes to seniors, individuals and teams, and young adults involved in competition. The training venues used by Curt include, but are not limited to, personal training, road cycling, mountain biking, running, kayaking, and paddleboarding. His premise for training is that the world is our playground and nature has provided us with the best gym in the world.

Johnathan Goldberg, SPINNING® Founder

The creator of the worldwide fitness phenomenon, Spinning®, and the Johnathan Goldberg Spinner Pro, Johnathan Goldberg is an ultra-endurance cyclist and Race Across America Marathon (RAAM) finisher. After enduring a diagnosis of dilated cardio myopathy and a pacemaker implant he created the JG Foundation in an effort to help others who are in need of a healing of the heart. Johnny travels throughout the world presenting motivational and life changing seminars. For more information, please visit

Greg Isaacs, BSc, CPT

Greg Isaacs has motivated and transformed bodies in Hollywood with his innovative, custom, unique training programs, and best selling book, The Ultimate Lean Routine. His Fit For Films program targets certain physical disciplines that mirror a character’s unique attributes, and incorporate specifically designed routines and nutritional program. With over 20 years of industry experience as a coach and accomplished athlete, Greg has been on top of the fitness game and was named one of the “Top 100 Trainers” in the USA in Men’s Journal in 2004.

Ken Kinakin, DC, CSCS, CPTN-CPT.M

Ken is a chiropractor, certified strength and conditioning specialist and a certified Personal Trainer. He has also competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting for over 20 years. He regularly lectures across Canada and United States to doctors and Personal Trainers on the areas of weight-training, rehabilitation and nutrition. He is also on the Canadian and International Powerlifting Medical Committee. He maintains a private practice in Mississauga, Ontario and is the founder of the Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists – SWIS For more information, please visit

Joseph Kottoor, DC, CPTN-CPT

Joseph is a CPTN Certified Personal Trainer, certified Active Release Techniques® provider, chiropractor, and currently pursuing a 3 year post-doctoral fellowship in injury rehabilitation. He has worked with the Toronto Raptors medical team for the past 5 years at their preseason camp and has become a leader in the field of sports and exercise injuries, and rehabilitation. For more information, please visit


Susan is the President of the Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN) and has facilitated the Certifications for CPTN Personal Trainer, Pilates Mat and Ballwork, Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning, Golf Conditioning and Nutrition. As a CPTN Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Pilates Teacher, and Thai Bodywork Practitioner, she specializes in post-rehabilitation training, sport specific conditioning, and active aging. She is the co-author of Business Strategies for Personal Training, and a new book and online course entitled Start Your Fitness Business.

Scott Livingston, BSc, CAT(C), CSCS

Scott has been the strength and conditioning coach and assistant athletic therapist for the Montreal Canadiens, prior to that he has been with the New York Rangers and New York Islanders of the National Hockey League (NHL). Scott is also the President of High Performance Consultants; a training and reconditioning centre dedicated to helping athletes at every level achieve their goals, and to educating like minded professionals in sports medicine and strength and conditioning. Scott has developed a unique method of assessing athletes dynamic posture, resulting in his ability to determine physical imbalances that may lead or are leading to injury. He uses a mix of assessment strategies, soft tissue release techniques, manual stretches, and a myriad of strength and flexibility exercises to address an athlete’s physical problems. For more information, please visit

David Snively

David is a seven-time Canadian National Diving Champion and a 1980 Olympic Team Member. David has hosted 2 successful television series – “Great Shape” and “The Caribbean Workout” – and can be currently seen on the Outdoor Life Network and Pride Vision TV. David owns and operates DBS Fitness Concepts, Inc. a successful small group training studio in Montreal. Look for David’s new groundbreaking DVD “Custom Fit with David Snively” available in stores winter 2005. For more information, please visit

Rob Millar, BA, CSCS

Rob has been in the fitness field since 1994, mixing his time between corporate fitness and his sport conditioning business. He is currently a conditioning coach to top level adventure racers, triathletes, and hockey players. Since 1999, Rob has captained Team Beowulf, one of the top adventure racing teams in Canada. Team Beowulf won the Canadian Adventure Racing championship in 2004, and has won or placed top 3 in numerous adventure races.

Katharine Mclarty, BPAS, CK, CSCS

Katharine is an explosive and dynamic educator. She is a Certified Kinesiologist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant, and Spinning® Instructor. As a Strength and Conditioning Service Provider for the Olympic High Performance Centre (OHPC) and Canadian Sport Centre – Ontario (CSCO), Katharine is involved with the training and testing of many professional and amateur athletes.

Rick Mueller, BPE, CPTN-CPT

Rick has been actively involved in the fitness industry for the past 18 years. He is currently a certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Fitness Planning Specialist. With over 8 years experience managing personal training departments in Ontario and Alberta, he has grown personal training programs by over 300% within a 2 year period.

Mark Nadon, BSc, CSCS

Mark is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist who has worked extensively with professional and Olympic caliber athletes. He has studied under the private tutorship of world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin for the last 10 years, and conducts lectures on program design, flexibility, modern trends in strength training and more. His vast experience and mixed knowledge provides him with a deep understanding of the varying needs of the personal training clientele.

Libby Norris, BA

Libby has over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, is an international presenter and a member of the Reebok Master Trainer team. A graduate in Communications and Physical Education, Libby operates her own business in corporate fitness consulting and corporate training. She is on the Advisory Board for the Humber College Lifestyle Management Program and participates as an Expert Faculty Panel for “ACT NOW…be the best you can be” – partnering ex-Olympians with health specialists to promote active living to corporations and schools and special populations.

Debra Percy, RN, CPT, PFLC

Debra is a member of the Personal Best team for over 10 years, is the General Manager at the Personal Best managed General Motors of Canada Club in Oshawa. She is a Registered Nurse, a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Instructor, and Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant.

Sheldon Persad, BPE, NCCP, CPTN-CPT

Sheldon is a co-owner of Personal Best Health & Performance Inc. Sheldons’ experience includes being the coach to athletes from a variety of sports who have competed at several major international competitions including the Olympics. Sheldon is proud to be a co-founder of the CPTN and is a Course Conductor for Practical Assessors. He has recently co-authored another book, which will be released in conjunction with an online course through Human Kinetics. For more information, please visit

Daniel Roopnarine, BA

Daniel holds a BA in Business Economics and a diploma in System Analysis. He is the owner of mvmedia, an online company that specializes in the development of websites specifically for Personal Trainers and fitness professionals.

Carmela Savoia, CPT

Carmela has been a wellness specialist since 1985. A spokesperson for Lululemon and former Reebok Master Trainer, her client lists include NHL and NBA athletes, ballet dancers and actors. She is frequently featured on Breathing Space Yoga on WTN, Perfect Fit CP24, Breakfast Television and is the creator of 2 Yoga DVDs, Tantric Hatha Yoga for Tone and Flexibility, Tantric Power Yoga for Strength and Stamina, and a CD, Tantric Meditations for Relaxation and Rejuvenation.

Barrie Shepley, BPE, NCI Level 4 Olympic Coach

Barrie is one of Canadian sport’s most interesting individuals. He has combined his talents as a coach, motivator and businessman to develop the sport of triathalon across the country. Not only has Barrie coached the Canadian National Triathlon Team for 10 years, but he also led the Canadian Team to a gold medal performance at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games as Canada’s Olympic Team Coach. He has become known as “the voice of triathlon” as he announces triathlon races all over the world and is a featured commentator for triathlon on CBC. For more information, please visit

Caron Shepley, BPE

Caron has worked in corporate fitness for over 10 years and is currently Corporate Director of the Toronto-based corporate health company, Personal Best. She has been practicing Yoga for 15 years and has become a renown yoga instructor for high performance athletes. Caron is the founder of Blue Dog Yoga and has produced her own video titled “Power Yoga for Endurance Athletes.” Caron is also a five-time Ironman finisher and has won a silver medal for Canada at the World Triathlon Championships. For more information, please visit

Angie Sturtevant, BA

Angie is a Master Instructor for the Spinning Program; Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor; Certified USA Expert Cycling Coach; USAT Triathlon Coach, Cardiovascular Exercise Specialist; Certified Sports Nutritionist; holds a degree in Office Management/Business Law. Angie is a licensed competitive cyclist and holds the 2001 and 2002 Wisconsin Off-Road Series title. Angie is the owner of Specialist in Sports Performance & Weight Management and the Spinning Program Director at Princeton Club East in Madison. For more information, please visit

Debra Vossen, PhD, CK, CPTN-CPT.M

Debra Vossen is a Human Kinetics professor who teaches humanities courses related to sport and physical activity at St. Francis Xavier University. Debra has presented at numerous international conferences and is a motivational speaker who empowers others to “change the world” in their own unique way. She has had her business “Simply Fit Training Systems” profiled in Fitness Business Canada magazine as a formula for small town fitness success, and has been invited to author numerous other publications.

Jeff Vossen, MSc, CK, CFC, CPTN-CPT

Jeff is the manager of the Fitness and Recreation Department at St. Francis Xavier University. In addition, he teaches a senior undergraduate course entitled “The Essentials of Personal Training” for the Department of Human Kinetics. His experience in the industry is vast having owned and operated his own fitness consultation business and fitness centre, presented internationally, as well as written many fitness-related articles.

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